Thinking Outside the Box: Good Gift Ideas Flagstaff AZ

Buying a gift can be needlessly difficult for a number of reasons. Perhaps you were invited last minute to a party and you had to buy gifts immediately, or maybe you have to give a gift to someone you do not know very well.

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Thinking Outside the Box: Good Gift Ideas

Buying a gift can be needlessly difficult for a number of reasons. Perhaps you were invited last minute to a party and you had to buy gifts immediately, or maybe you have to give a gift to someone you do not know very well. Maybe you have to buy a gift for someone who has and can afford anything and everything. How do you get gifts for these situations and these kinds of people? Although buying a gift can be quite task, there a good gift ideas that can make gift buying easier, or at least less overwhelming.

Gift buying tips

Although not exactly a gift idea, the giver should realize that gifts can actually conceive “messages” to the receiver—messages that could offend the receiver. Gift giving is actually an act of communication, with the gift being the message. For instance, a gift giver presents a birthday celebrant with fitness materials (perhaps dumbbells or a fitness instruction video), something the receiver didn’t ask for specifically. If the receiver of the gift is sensitive, he would think that you are trying to tell him that he’s out of shape and that he should workout. Is this the message that you are trying to say? Maybe not—but your intention for the gift (or, in this case, the message) cannot always be successfully carried out. Sometimes, how the receiver perceives the message is different from what you actually meant.

How can you avoid this when buying a gift? In essence, there’s no one single way to avoid this. Still, it’s important to know the receiver well before giving such gifts. If you’re required to give gifts to someone you’re not very familiar with, you should stick with safe and general gifts—maybe a bottle of wine, a box of pastries, or department store gift cards (if you’re out of gift ideas). Although these gifts do give the give of “template” gifts (the ones you give if you do not know what to give), they are safe and not offensive. In fact, their reputation as template gifts makes them apt as general gift ideas.

Of course, it is still imperative to research about the receiver. Even buying a gift for this intention can be filled with gift buying landmines. For instance, buying a box of pork filled bread products may seem safe (because who doesn’t eat bread?). But if you are giving it to a Moslem or a vegetarian, it would seem very offensive; it would seem as if you do not expect their opinions well enough to give appropriate gifts. That you didn’t know they were Moslems or vegetarians might ease the offense a little, but it would make it seem obvious that you mindlessly bought the gift.

Gift ideas

As for people you know very well (such as family or friends or loved ones), this problem shouldn’t bother you; you probably know them well enough to know what they wouldn’t want or what would offend them. The problem now is to think: what gifts do they want?

One of the gift buying tips you should take to heart is this: never buy at the last minute, if possible. Last minute gift buying forces you to buy gifts randomly and mindlessly, because you were buying them for the sake of having something to give. The amount of time you need to buy appropriate gifts is moot—just make sure you have enough time to buy the appropriate gifts. This also puts you on the risk of not being able to buy the gift you intended, perhaps because the item is suddenly unavailable.

For extremely blessed individuals who have everything, it may seem as if whatever you will give will be insignificant. So why not talk to your common friends and buy a more expensive give. Remember: quality over quantity. If you think sharing the cost of the gift will allow you to buy a better one, this is a good option. Of course, it is important to note that expensive gifts are not always quality gifts. There are cheap gifts that can still be inspired.

Try not to veer from the obvious. Magazine subscriptions or memberships may seem too tacky or simple, but the fact that they are useful makes them rather inspired. Such gifts would require you to know the person well enough to know what magazine he’d love a subscription to, needless to say. One of the safer gift ideas on this end is to give gift cards for travel or hotel accommodations—something the receiver would probably appreciate, especially if he or she is married or has a partner (of course, giving such gifts to single individuals wouldn’t be so bad too). If you have frequent flyer points you don’t think you’d use, even better—simply redeem these points for the free plane ticket and give it as a gift.

While these gift ideas would appear tacky to some, it should be noted that they are hardly tacky, especially when you consider their worth. But are self-made gifts advisable? In a way, they are and they aren’t. In any case, if you plan to forego gift buying and just plan to make the gift yourself, do exert the effort to make it appear more special. It has to be a gift that exudes that aura of difficult—that it’s obvious you really exerted effort to create the gift. While you’d think it’s obvious, it is necessary.

If you want gift ideas that break the box, so to speak, try to be unpredictable. If your friend is a comic book fan and you expect everyone to give him comic book-related gifts, step out of the expectation—although you can still be within a good range of it. Maybe you can give him advance tickets to the Spiderman musical on Broadway? It’s not a comic book per se, but it is still within his range of interest. Of course, if your friend abhors the theater, this isn’t a good idea. Break out of the box but stay within the reaches of comfort. This way, your gifts will still be appreciated.