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Telemarketing has seen a shift these days. With at home telemarketing, companies don’t have to expend their budget on cubicles, workstations, welfare, employee insurance. Less is more in this instance and the bottom line is pretty cut and dried a larger profit margin.

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Successful Telemarketing At Home

Many people have asked me, “What are the best home based jobs that don’t require a wealth of academic or on site experience?” Surprisingly enough, quite a list of ideas pop up in my head anything from online trading, affiliate marketing to just writing for companies who use blogs or articles as marketing tools to sell products. Well, some might say that these take quite a bit of prospecting and setting up, but I would disagree. The cost of starting up some of these online businesses sometimes takes no more than a website and a determined mind.

A friend of mine blind sided me the other day. He told me he did not want the hassle of setting up a website or even squeeze his creative juices on a daily basis to come up with fresh content. He said,

“If I came to you and asked you, what is the easiest way to make money from home, what would you say?”

That was a baffling question, for a little while at least. My answer to that question was simple.

“Well, have you tried at telemarketing?”

Telemarketing has seen a shift these days, with more big name companies like Hilton Hotels, The Grand Millennium Group and many large transnational IT companies moving a lot of their land based telemarketing operations away from the physical realm to the virtual arena, securing more than 30 of its workforce as at home users. Let’s face it, with at home telemarketing, companies don’t have to expend their budget on cubicles, workstations, welfare, employee insurance. Less is more in this instance and the bottom line is pretty cut and dried a larger profit margin.

This applies to you as well. Telemarketing is big business, and companies and conglomerates are paying top dollar for these services. Earn anywhere from $12 $50 an hour doing telemarketing – sometimes even more.

I can see the glint in your eyes as I saw the glint in my friend’s eyes just the other day. It is not that hard to be successful at telemarketing either. What you’ll need is a desktop or simple workstation – nothing top of the line, just enough to log on to your employer’s matrix and key in successful orders. You’ll also need a telephone, a clear voice and a polite disposition to handle difficult prospects.

Tenacity and determination are key aspects of this formula. You will be taking a lot of calls, but once you’ve hit your stride, adopted a winning script based on your employer’s product literature, you will see the money flow in like never before. Financial independence, freedom from debt and a secure work experience can be obtained from the comfort of your home.

And the last and most important aspect, is securing a marketing list for direct mail or telemarketing that ensures a high turnover. The integrity and quality of this list will ensure your success. Now you can’t just get a list from scratch, and most companies will give you one that is mediocre. A better alternative would be to turn to websites that actually offer worthwhile marketing lists that are tenable and highly recommended. A quick search on the internet will net you several good websites to start with. Don’t hesitate to shop around and carry out some research before investing in a quality list – the results will certainly be worth it!

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