Lowering Future Medical Insurance Premiums Flagstaff AZ

Scientists have discovered a drug which cuts death from a common heart problem by almost a third. Atrial fibrillation is a disorder of the heart rhythm but Multaq has been shown to reduce the incidents of this claiming lives by up to thirty per cent.

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Lowering Future Medical Insurance Premiums

Medical insurance companies are often paying out for treatment for heart conditions. In fact, it is up there at the top with cancers in being one of the biggest factors that will bring down British people. Without medical insurance, sufferers are often subjected to lengthy waits for treatment on the National Health Service.

However, there is good news. Scientists have discovered a drug which cuts death from a common heart problem by almost a third. Atrial fibrillation is a disorder of the heart rhythm but Multaq has been shown to reduce the incidents of this claiming lives by up to thirty per cent.

This medical condition affects 700,000 Britons but the recent advancement in its treatment is the first in twenty years. The fast and erratic heartbeat of patients needs stabilising to avoid angina and heart failure. It is the upper chambers of the heart that are out of rhythm and causes the heart to beat up to twice its normal speed.

Another complication of this condition is the fact that it causes tiny blood clots to form and these can lead to strokes, another topper on the medical insurance claims. At best, previous treatments involved the use of digoxin which successfully slows the heart beat but cannot regulate it and death rates remained the same. Drugs to thin the blood followed by minor electric shocks to restore normal rhythm are also used.

This drug is considered a huge breakthrough because it is having positive effects on all those that are trialling it, without side effects. More than 4,500 patients from 33 countries have trialled the effectiveness of Multaq over a year and this is when it was discovered that cardiovascular deaths were greatly reduced among the group. Quality of life is greatly improved for all those taking the drug and life time expectancy is greatly increased. It is hoped there will be a license for using this drug as early as next year.

If this is something of a warning to those who are concerned about their heart health, or for those who would like to keep the cost of their medical insurance premiums down, there is even more good news as to how we can look after ourselves. Drink red wine.

A chemical found in the skin of red grapes contains resveratrol, an anti aging compound. This has been captured and put into pill form and has received the backing of the UK s largest pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline. In fact, GSK bought out the company that made the drug for £361 million.

The drug was tried in lengthy tests on mice and it was found that they lived longer, were almost immune to the effects of obesity and rarely get diabetes, cancer or Alzheimer s. It was also found that if the rodents were subject to starvation diets they could even extend their life by up to thirty per cent. It is believed this is because starving the body activates a gene known as sirtuin, a survival gene.

These discoveries are hoped to bring about more treatment for diseases such as cancer and Alzheimers. The same scientists have also found that flavanoids in blueberries and other fresh fruit interact with nerve cells and stimulates the re growth of brain cells.

So, it would seem that while scientists are doing their best to find the elixir of life, it will always pay to look after our bodies to enable them to continue working as long as possible. And if this includes eating tasty food with the occasional glass of red wine then who am I to argue?

Medical Expert, Simon Smith, takes a look at health and fitness and how it can affect medical insurance. http://www.health-on-line.co.uk

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