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A house cleaning business can be quite a lucrative business as there are many career women who don' t have the time to clean their own house so there is always a demand for house cleaners.

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House Cleaning Business

A house cleaning business can be quite a lucrative business as there are many career women who don t have the time to clean their own house so there is always a demand for house cleaners. Having your own business has the advantage of being able to work your own hours and being able to charge whatever price you want, within reason of course.
When cleaning someone else s house though your time will be limited but you will also want to do a thorough job to keep your clients happy so here are some tips to help with your house cleaning career.

Always be organized. You will achieve much more in less time if you are organized. Get hold of a handy size basket or bucket that you can carry all your cleaning products in so that you can carry them around with you quite easily. This will eliminate the need to be running back and forth retrieving cleaning products. Keeping your cleaning products organized may save you quite a bit of time by giving you easy access to everything that you need.

Set a routine. As you clean houses you will get to know each house and the layout of each house. You should be able to find a routine for each house that works for you. Whether it is to start from one end of the house and work your way through to the other end, or maybe you prefer to clean the bathrooms first and then move on to bedrooms, etc. Work out a routine that is easiest for you and stick with that routine as when you work in a routine you will be likely to get through it quickly each time.

Work from the top down. It is best to start cleaning from the top so clean shelves, benches or anything that is higher first. Then work your way down to the cupboards and then the floor. You don t want to start with the floor first and then get it dirty when you are cleaning the benches.

Never leave a job half done. I m sure your clients wouldn t be too impressed if you run out of time and just left with half of the house uncleaned. This is why it is important to have a schedule and stick with it to make sure that you complete the house within the time scheduled. If you are running late then you may need to stay back a little to finish off.

Finish one room before moving on to the next. There is no point cleaning half a room and then moving on to another with the intention to come back and finish the first room. That is just disorganisation. Start one room and finish it completely then move on to the next.

Try to use multi purpose cleaners. There are many multi purpose cleaners on the market that will be appropriate for bathrooms, laundry and kitchen. These can save a bit of time and a bit of money. Some clients may prefer specific products but if not then a multi purpose cleaner is a wise choice.

When you can try to use natural cleaning products or environmentally safe cleaning products.

Dress appropriately for the job. You don t want to be wearing your good clothes and then restricting yourself because you don t want to get them dirty. Wear your cleaning clothes or you can maybe even get your business a uniform with a logo. By wearing a cleaning uniform you will be more comfortable for the job you are doing which will help to work more effectively.

Take pride in your work and always do the best you can. If you want to keep customers long term and want your customers to refer you to their friends, then you must do a good job. Treat your customers how you would want someone to treat you if they were cleaning your house. Giving a good customer service is always important when you are running your own business.

Don t take on more work than you can cope with. You don t want to rush jobs because you have to move on to another one so only take on as much work as you can fit in. If you find there is high demand and you could take on many more clients then you could consider hiring a staff member and grow your business. You never know you could end up with a lot of staff and you can then settle back in the administration role.

A home cleaning business definitely is a good business to get in to as the demand will always be there. So if you dream of being your own boss then a home cleaning business may be for you. Hopefully these tips will help you on your way to realising your dream.

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