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Modular homes are the less expensive, more efficient, eco friendly alternative to a conventionally built house. Oh, and they can be fully customized at less than the cost of a non customized stick built.

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Custom Modular Home

Forget your preconceived notions of what you think modular homes are – these look just like regular homes but they are built offsite in units and transported to the built site and put together in just a couple of days. Modular homes are the less expensive, more efficient, eco friendly alternative to a conventionally built house. Oh, and they can be fully customized at less than the cost of a non customized stick built.

Here are 10 things you won’t hear on a custom modular home building site:

1. “I’ve got bad gas!” When conventional builders need machinery to help them build, they leave them there over the weekend. Young punks can come by and add sugar to the gas tank (or water or just about anything else, really). This causes delays and delays cost money. (Oh, did you think we were talking about something else?)

2. “Hey baby, you’re looking fine”. Homes are built in a factory like setting, among professionals who are focused on their craft. This is different than the stereotyped construction worker who keeps one eye on the job and the other on people walking by on the street.

3. “Looks like rain. I guess we’ll take off for the day”. Weather delays wreak havoc on a stick built schedule. A day of rain might result in a day or even a week of delays, as well as potentially damaged building materials. However, modular homes don’t have those issues because the setting in which they are built are weather independent.

4. “The inspector hasn’t shown up yet and we can’t do anything until he does. Oh, but you still have to pay us”. Crews are to be paid even during downtime. And with scheduling issues like bureaucratic inspectors, it could be days (or more) until they arrive. That time costs you money. However, in a modular home, the homes are built under the supervision of inspectors and they are erected onsite quickly so inspectors can come and go without delaying the project.

5. “Shut up! I’m trying to sleep!” A sure way to anger your new neighbors is to start your machinery too early. You might comply with local laws, but you may still get that one neighbor who works nights, sleeps days, and now you’re on their bad side before you even move in. Modular homes are stealth built! They are built offsite and only take a day or two to assemble onsite. It’s a great way to keep your neighbors happy.

6. “Should I bury this wasted material or burn it?” Building stick built homes often wastes material. And that’s costly. But a custom modular home wastes far less material (because material not used on one home can be used on another, especially since it’s not ruined in the weather).

7. “Let’s hose the homeowner!” Stick built homes may not be intentionally more expensive but they do cost significantly more than a custom modular home. The cost savings are found through lower material costs, saved labor costs, minimized delay costs, lower building loan interest costs, and lower costs because the home is more efficient.

8. “I hate the environment, and I support global warming”. Conventionally built homes leave a much larger environmental footprint to build than modular homes. And, when you’re living in your modular home, you’ll find it’s more efficient, too.

9. “If anything goes wrong with the house, let’s hope it happens on day 366”. Most stick built homes come with a 1 year warranty. After that, it’s up to the homeowner. Modular home warranties are ten times that amount: homeowners enjoy 10 hassle free years.

10. “I just peed in the neighbor’s rosebushes”. Stick built home construction workers are onsite for long workdays. They’re not always professional or respectful. But modular homes are built by professionals in a clean, factory like setting, so your rosebushes are safe.

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