Choosing a Realtor Sedona AZ

If you take the time to find out more about the realtor you expect to use, you could land yourself a dream home, or a nice net gain on the home you are going to sell.

Re/Max Sedona
(928) 282-4166
2290 W State Rt 89 A
Sedona, AZ
Bruce Tobias - RE/MAX Sedona
(928) 204-1950
111 Blue Jay Dr
Sedona, AZ
Sedona Shadows
(928) 282-1232
6770 W State Route
Sedona, AZ
Foothills Property Management
(928) 282-9533
1615 W State Route
Sedona, AZ
Ray & Pat Jegge - Coldwell Banker
(928) 340-5055
265 Panorama Blvd
Sedona, AZ
Barbara Baker - RE/MAX
(928) 301-0669
360 Cathedral Rock
Sedona, AZ
Shadowbrook Apartments
(928) 282-1871
145 Navajo
Sedona, AZ
Sedona Pines Resort
(928) 282-6640
6701 W State Route
Sedona, AZ
Wendy L Jacobsen - Russ Lyon / Sotheby
(928) 282-1888
PO Box 4312
Sedona, AZ
Oak Creek Properties
(928) 282-4074
3500 N Highway 89a
Sedona, AZ

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Choosing a Realtor

  • If you are a seller, select a REALTOR who will advertise your property individually and distinctly.

  • A REALTOR must have a hot, up-to-date web site that changes to reflect the market.

  • Take into account the busy lifestyle of today’s professionals. Consider that most people use the internet to search for homes. Understand a REALTOR’S presence on the internet is crucial to their effectiveness.

  • If paying commission is a huge point with you, find a REALTOR who will be flexible.

  • Use a REALTOR with a national presence in the real estate market. Analyze the REALTOR’S web site as an indicator of this.

  • Choose a REALTOR with experience. If they are newly licensed, ask if the REALTOR is in a mentor program.

  • Check the REALTOR’S license by visiting your state’s department of occupational professionals web site. You can determine if the license is in good standing, read about any complaints or investigations, and see how long the REALTOR has been licensed.

  • Find a REALTOR who will research and obtain information from the source. This includes visiting a tax office or courthouse to research things like zoning or mapping topography of a home site.

  • Ask your REALTOR if they have access to more than one Multiple Listing Service (MLS) – if this is applicable in your area. Access to more MLS means increased opportunities to sell you property to qualified buyers or find the home that meets your criteria.

  • Open houses are not the way to sell homes, so do not be dazzled by a REALTOR who hosts them frequently. Often open houses attract neighbors and people not yet ready to buy.

    If you take the time to find out more about the REALTOR you expect to use, you could land yourself a dream home, or a nice net gain on the home you are going to sell.

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    Elaine VonCannon is a REALTOR with RE/Max Capital in Williamsburg, Virginia, and she manages investment property as part of her business. Elaine is also an Accredited Buyer's Representative as well as a Senior Real Estate Specialist. She has helped numerous clients invest in and make money on property in Southeastern Virginia.

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