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Choosing The Credit Card

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When was the last time you heard about a new and improved credit card?

Probably the last time you watched television.

When was the last time you received an offer to apply for a new credit card?

Most likely the last time you checked the mail.

These days, the competitiveness of card companies works in favor of consumers, who benefit from the ever-increasing incentive plans offered.

Considering that the average family holds seven credit cards, and the credit card debt held by Americans reaches $800 billion, there are things to consider before sending off an application for yet another credit card. Among them is this key: If you're going to use a credit card, use it wisely.

Second, choose the card that is going to work for you (low interest rates, incentives, and services), rather than allowing the credit card company to reap all of the benefits (annual fees, late fees, and high interest charges) from you.

Now that you have committed that one to memory, here are more useful tips:

Tip #1: Put yourself in the driver's seat

When it comes to choosing credit cards, it pays to be proactive rather than reactive. Credit card offers through the mail might be a good place to start shopping, but they are certainly not your only options.

According to credit expert Gerri Detweiler, author of The Ultimate Credit Handbook, consumers should not rely strictly on mail solicitations to offer the best choice in credit cards....

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