Caring for a Cut Christmas Tree Flagstaff AZ

Although it is admittedly easier to have an artificial Christmas tree during the holidays, a lot of people still prefer having actual Christmas trees. Of course, it is quite understandable.

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Caring for a Cut Christmas Tree

Although it is admittedly easier to have an artificial Christmas tree during the holidays, a lot of people still prefer having actual Christmas trees. Of course, it is quite understandable. For many families all over the country, buying a Christmas tree is part of the holiday tradition. It wouldn’t be any fun if the Christmas tree you will use can easily be disassembled after the holidays and stored in a box. Where’s the fun in that? However, while real live Christmas trees are more attractive, it has one problem: tree care can be quite tedious. After all, you will be using a real live tree. If you do not tend to it, the tree will wither and lose its luster even before the holiday season.

However, unknown to many, Christmas tree care is actually very easy; it’s not very different from taking care of your artificial Christmas tree. In fact, beyond the usual and obvious considerations when caring for a cut Christmas tree, you’ll realize that Christmas tree care is actually a snap.

Cut Christmas tree preparation

The key to having a healthy cut Christmas tree first depends on your picking. In this case, you need to pick a good, healthy tree right from the start. How can you care for a tree that’s already in a bad shape in the first place? If possible, get the tree from your local tree farm. This way, you can get the Christmas tree without having to remove it from its natural setting. When choosing a cut Christmas tree, make sure its branches are still flexible to determine its health.

If you can’t buy a fresh uprooted Christmas tree from the tree farm, you might as well consider an artificial tree. Pre-cut Christmas trees don’t get the water they need right after the cut, making them dry and less flexible. Obviously, this is not the condition you want your trees to be in when you receive them. Dry trees tend to shed, providing you with less foliage.

Holiday fire hazards

Once you’ve purchased your cut Christmas tree, prepare the area where it will be placed. Clear out the area and make sure there are no potential fire hazards in the area, or any materials that can catch fire. Since your tree is made from real wood, it’s a potential fire hazard, especially since you will probably be attaching lighting decors on the Christmas tree. Therefore, it is advisable to clear the area where it will stand to make sure fire won’t spread easily in case of any accidents. It is suggested that you place your Christmas tree is a corner. This way, it wouldn’t be much of a fire hazard. This can also prevent the tree from getting knocked over.

Also, to avoid holiday fire hazards, remove the tree from any source of heat. Intense heat can start a fire, and a fire can quickly spread since, obviously, your Christmas tree is made from actual wood. It goes without saying: keep the tree away from the fireplace or any source of intense artificial lighting. Laying low on the lights can prevent fire too; many holiday fires do start due to improper Christmas tree lighting. Never leave the lights on at night, especially when you’re asleep. Obviously, this is the point of the

Christmas tree care

Make sure the tree is placed on a stand that can store enough water. Again, it is important to keep the Christmas tree watered; keeping it fresh will prevent it from losing its freshness. In turn, fresh trees are less likely to lose their needles and their foliage. The stand or holder should be able to hold a quart of water for every inch of stem diameter. Because the tree is no longer rooted to the ground, constant water source is important. Needless to say, you wouldn’t constantly water your tree once it was set up as a Christmas tree. Also, never cut the trunk at a peculiar shape (for instance, a V-shape cut) since this may prevent the tree from being able to hold itself. Also, a peculiar cut makes it less likely to absorb water.

When choosing a stand, make sure the trunk would fit perfectly. If not, the stand could scrape off the outer layer of the trunk—one of the most important parts of the tree when it comes to water absorption. Remember that while your tree has been uprooted, it’s still a living thing, hence the constant need for water. But since it’s already out of its natural environment and setting, you need to take better care of it. Contrary to whatever you’ve previous read, drilling holes on the tree’s trunk will not, in any way, improve the Christmas tree’s water absorption. In fact, it could even make the tree less capable of absorbing water.

Again, to ensure that the tree remains fresh before set up as a Christmas tree, store the newly cut tree in cool location, with the truck placed in a bucket of water. Remember: a cut tree can only retain its condition for eight hours after being uprooted. Beyond that, you can no loner expect the tree to be fresh or retain and absorb as much water as it should.

Once set up, make sure the trunk is continuously submerged in water. There is a huge difference between the stand having water and the trunk submerged in water. It requires to be reiterated: the trunk should be in water at all times. This means you need to take extra good care of your wirings, to make sure it wouldn’t pose a problem even with the presence of water.

After the holidays, dispose your Christmas tree properly. If you know any way to recycle used trees or an organization that accepts used trees for recycling, consider the options., for instance, has a recycling program that you can definitely consider.

All these steps for Christmas tree care may seem tedious, but it most definitely isn’t. And even if it is, isn’t the joy of having a beauty cut Christmas tree worth the effort?